Monday, January 6, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions from DistinctlyIvy Customers

DistinctlyIvy - Handstamped custom jewellery, personalized necklaces, wedding, monogram necklaces, guitar picks for men gifts - all shipped in One Business Day!

Frequently Asked Questions from DistinctlyIvy Customers

✤ Where can I see all your fonts? 
They're shown here:
NOTE: Please keep in mind that not every font fits on every necklace.  If the font you'd like is not in the option dropdown when you add it to your cart, it's because it doesn't fit. If you have questions, please let me know!

✤ Where can I see all your design stamps?
They're shown here:

✤ How do I personalize?
Add the item to your cart.
Put the name, crystal color, etc... in the Note to DistinctlyIvy.

✤ How do I order multiple necklaces?
Add one to your cart, then change the quantity to what you would like.

✤ Do you offer a discount on multiple items?
Yes, I offer a 10% discount on 10 or more of the same items, purchased at the same time, sent to the same location.  This is 10% total and might be reduced if items are already on sale.  I offer 15% on 20 or more of the same items, same terms as just mentioned.  Please contact me to discuss receiving the discount!

✤ When will my order ship?
Unless I've stated a different shipping time at the top of my page under my shop banner (usually only during the holidays), I ship out next business day!  Yes, that includes all personalization. :)

✤ What's the difference between ball and cable chain?
Cable is here:
Ball chain is here:

✤ Can you stamp on the back of the discs?
No, sorry, I can't stamp on the back of any of my discs. We could probably add another disc, though, from my add-on section:

✤ Can I add on another disc or crystal?  
Yes, you probably can - check first in the item description to be sure it doesn't mention add-ons.  I usually put the corresponding add-on in the description.  If not, check here for all my add-ons:

✤ Can you add on more than 6 or 12 crystals on your Grandma necklaces?
Yes, I can add more, but they will not hang from the middle if you are buying a washer necklace - they will hang off the chain, slightly off to the side.
Also, with a large domed necklace, please know that the crystals may fall off easier if you add more than 12 to a necklace.
If you'd like more, you can buy the add-on crystals here:

✤ What are your discs and chain made of?
The discs are nickel silver and the chain is silver plated.  They last great as long as you don't wear them in a pool or in the shower.

✤ What lengths do you suggest for children?
14 inches for age 4 and under
16 inches for age 5-18
18 inches - most popular size for women

I hope this helps! If you have more questions, feel free to email me  at or message me on Etsy.  Thanks so much and we're looking forward to helping you find a personalized item that's absolutely perfect.

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